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Founders of GDN Fitness, Mr and Mrs Gordon, developed the concept of a lifestyle meets health and wellbeing private gym to offer their clients an inviting and supportive place to reach their goals and realise their potential.

Iain Gordon, an accomplished personal trainer, specialises in fitness, weight loss and strength and conditioning for aspiring and elite athletes. Iain has successfully worked with many clients, not just to improve speed and power for sports, but through their weight loss journeys and overcoming injuries. Being an elite Hockey player, Iain recognises and supports each client’s journey through GDN.

Ishani has created a beautiful and unique space in GDN to enhance members experience through her interior design, branding and editing career. Working both nationally and internationally for over a decade, Ishani has developed an eye-catching yet practical space for members to enjoy when using the unique facilities GDN can offer. 

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GDN fitness in Chalfont St Peter is an innovative gym where clients can achieve their goals in a supportive and motivational environment. 

Not only do they offer small group classes, GDN’s personal trainers are ready to create comprehensive and tailored fitness plans to suit all types of clients, from those just beginning their fitness journey to elite athletes looking to improve their fitness and wellbeing. 

Goal-oriented personal training plans create inspiration and motivation, leading clients to achieve more than they thought possible. GDN personal trainers not only have a wealth of experience and positive track records, but they also believe that their clients should feel good about themselves. 

Personal training is beneficial for a variety of clients. By creating a robust foundation, clients reduce their risk of injury through exercise and increase their power over time.

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Chalfont St Giles Gym
Chalfont St Giles Gym


Specialising in small group classes of no more than six clients, GDN has a unique concept that delivers results every time. Utilising three main types of fitness classes, GDN encompasses all fitness levels into their programmes:

  • For those clients looking to improve their overall health and fitness, BUILD is the class choice. By combining high intensity and strength exercises, this class looks to build your cardiovascular fitness and strength.
  • If you are looking for a high-intensity workout, you should book an ENERGY This class packs a punch to increase cardiovascular fitness and burn calories through body weight exercises and cardiovascular machines.
  • GDN’s STRONG exercise class focuses on resistance exercises to build strength, tone and posture improvements. Each class utilises a range of movement patterns to counter any imbalances in the body and re-calibrate biomechanics.

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GDN has been developed and tailored to cater for clients looking to combine their health and wellbeing alongside their lifestyle. This concept is fast becoming the most popular in the fitness industry due to busy schedules and limited time for self-care. 

Offering virtual classes for small groups, personal training sessions for individuals and having unique fitness facilities to suit all clients, GDN is the only private Gym in Chalfont St Giles that you need for your fitness and wellbeing journey.

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Chalfont St Giles Gym