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Exceptional fitness experience at your Amersham gym

GDN is Amershams perfect answer to a luxurious gym. Our carefully constructed small group exercise classes and successful personal training sessions have supported many people to achieve their goals – however big or small. Our expertly trained staff are ready and waiting to help you on your fitness journey, whether you want to lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or learn more about your body through fitness. 

GDN offer a wide variety of small group classes from mobility and build to hockey. These classes are limited to 6 per class so our clients can feel confident whilst they are attending and our personal trainers can spend more time working with individual members. We think that having smaller classes gives our clients the benefit of more support, and our members all agree!

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Improve your current fitness levels with GDN

Many of us are always looking for ways to improve our physical fitness, mental health, and eating habits. GDN is a lifestyle focused gym; we don’t just concentrate on how much weight you can lift and how much weight comes off your hips. We are holistic in our approach to supporting you to a healthy lifestyle that supports your mental health. Whether through personal training sessions, small fitness classes or with a regime of healthy eating and fitness combined, the trainers at GDN are here to support you throughout your journey – however long it takes you. 

Small exercise classes that could benefit you and your lifestyle: 

Build – an all-encompassing workout that works to improve your health and fitness overall. Combining high intensity and strength exercises that aim to build your cardiovascular fitness. 

Energy – a high-intensity workout combining bodyweight exercises and cardiovascular machines to burn calories and increase cardiovascular fitness. 

Strong – a strength workout with elements of postural exercises. Using resistance exercises to build strength and improve tone and posture, each class uses a range of movement to counter imbalances and re-calibrate biomechanics. 

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Discover your new hockey passion at your local gym 

Set at the back of the fitness studio is our pride and joy – a hockey pitch, perfect for developing your skills and working on your strength and conditioning before larger games. Overseen by English premier league hockey player Iain Gordon, his successful career in Hockey has supported many clients to achieve impressive results in weight loss and healthy lifestyles. 

If you are looking for a place to come and get fit that is more than just a gym, GDN is the perfect place for you. Take advantage of our excellent facilities with state of the art equipment, work alongside our friendly staff who are all qualified and experienced to a high level, and book yourself into a small exercise class where you can work out without feeling self-conscious. We provide exceptional experiences to those who are looking to improve their lifestyle. 

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